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Contributed by 65 Cobra Dude

Removing engine from GTM with body on:

• Disconnect battery and take out computer
• Drain fluids (engine and tranny)
• Take off hatch
• Take out seats, rear firewall and waterfall (leave rear window between engine bay and interior installed)
• Take out complete exhaust (exhaust manifolds to tips)
• Take off air cleaner and MAF
• Take off belts and disconnect hoses
• Disconnect all wiring to engine (sensors, injectors, etc…)
• Take out alternator
• Disconnect AC compressor from block (leave AC lines connected so you don’t have to recharge system) (I had to lift motor a bit to get at last bolt)
• Take diffuser off
• Remove starter
• Remove clutch slave cylinder
• Disconnect e-brake cables (I disconnected at the T where the single cable meets the cables that go to the wheels
• Remove coils and plug wires
• Disconnect half shafts from tranny
• Remove 4 bolts holding tranny to engine (leave rear support bolted in)
• Place floor jack under engine to stop from tilting when tranny is removed
• Remove shift rods, cables or whatever connected to tranny
• Disconnect rear tranny support (I left in cage as it was not in the way)
• Tranny should now only be held in place by stub shaft in crank
• Remove tranny – I had to remove 10mm bolt holding in clutch fork shaft. Then had to put a little pressure on clutch fork so I could remove the pivot rod holding clutch fork
• I left tranny hanging in rear cage, out of the way
• Take off intake
• Take off Porsche clutch assembly
• Bring in engine hoist from driver’s side
• Bolt chain to rear driver side head and front passenger side head (I bolted through accessory mount bolt holes)
• Put tension on engine hoist
• Unbolt motor mounts
• Slowly lift engine out while maneuvering it around body (required me to turn engine 90 degrees while lifting to clear body)
• Pull engine stand back and lower engine
• Congrats
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