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(11/07/2005):Have been working a cold idle problem (MAF and/or O2 sensor placement issue, perhaps). Anyway, off the market until I can offer as close to a perfect car that I can. I realize that my asking price is on the high side re comps., so I will likely reduce to 38, min. when I put it back on. Next time should I place on other venues? What has been your experience?

I'm retiring at the end of the year and am planning to build another roadster; although she is really nice, with a killer body/paint by Ken Pike (SRP) and runs terrific (see recent post, above), I realy enjoyed the "trip" getting to the final ride and want to do it again. Have about $50k in, including rookie mistakes including a brand new engine (donor had a cracked block); price of course does not include any of my labor, just checkbook $. Pics of car at my site below; page 1-20 is build sequence, 20 onward is last week's pics of finished car by my son Brad, the gearhead in the family. Asking $40k.

Registered California SB100; clear title 2004.
4 into 4; no emmisions equipment except PCV valve req'd. This is a EFI car.
New FMS 302 short block,
FMS 70mm Mass Air/24# injector/computer combo
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads
GT40 upper/lower intake
FMS roller rockers 1.6
FMS E303 cam
Painless engine management harness,1990 Mustang donor harness remainder
FFR Vintage gauges
FFR front/rear tubular control arms
Flaming River rack
Coil overs all around
3-Link rear
Donor WC T5 tranny dismantlrd/checked by professional
Stock 1990 donor rear, upgraded by pro w/ FMS 3.55:1
BODYWORK/PAINT by SRP w/most of the options except show finish.
Dynamat inside all cockpit surfaces
Thermotec heat barrier on outside surfaces of engine-facing cockpit/foot box surfaces
Radio w/ amp in trunk (will throw in my "Cruisin' with Ruben & the Jets CD)
Cockpit/trunk carpeted (FFR)
Pro 5 shifter
Headers and sidepipes ceramic coated
3000 street/highway miles (no racing, but I do love on-ramps)
Sunken battery in trunk; remote battery terminals
Lots of extras; pictures tell the story.
I'm sure I forgot something important; oh yes:
SRP's trunk and hood hinges
Hallibrand wheels (not spinners)
Stock 1990 axles: 4-lug, disc front, drum rear with new Hawk pads
Manual steering
Manual brakes

Accessories: Wiper motor hooked-up and functional(with park) but wipers not installed - MSD6AL in the way of drivers side arm box, I have to move the 6AL.
Can't get the guts up to drill holes in the body for the FRR softop/tonneau, but have Brian & Lisa's tonneau
New radiator with FFR fan; SPDT fan switch only used in california stop/go traffic; never has overheated beyond 220F.

Oil filter relocation kit, a few more options (still in the max) included.

You will love this car.

Many other nice features which I may have ommited. Anything else, ping me.

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Man, that is an incredible paintjob! I love the silver cars, and that one really looks nice. I wish I had the money to buy it, but I think I will be spreading my build out over time and money when I do it.

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Added a small revision to the original post to address some current issues. Cheers, Dale.
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