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Saturday is September 15, 2012 and if you are planning to attend this years Run N Gun and have NOT registered you need to do so by this Saturday. After that the registration fee will increase by $50. I know $50 is not much money these day's but having your registration in helps me order trophy's, T-Shirts, and notify the restrauant of our expected attendence.

In spite of the discount, registration will continue through Friday morning October 19, 2012. Run N Gun will be a lot of fun this year and if you have never been before, you really need to come and join the party. Remember there are still about 4 rooms remaining at the Warren Place DoubleTree at the RNG Rate of $89...there is a link on our web site. If we need more I may be able to add a few but that weekend is also Octoberfest which brings in a lot of people.

Of course if you have any questions give me a call at 918-633-5336. I will update the registrations this weekend. Paid participants from New Jersey,Ohio, and Arizona are traveling the longest distances so far. That is unless Tony Martin shows up from South Africa for Backdraft!


Clois Harlan- Run 'N Gun
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