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My 2003 Shell Valley Cobra is at the point where I think I can register and title it. My residense is Maryland. The car's title, from North Carolina, lists the car as a 1965 "Cbra".

My state has a category for "kit car". In it the car gets inspected by the MD State Police and has a VIN assigned to it. But the title, I'm guessing, probably makes note the car is a kit car.... The title and tag then allow occasional use for car shows, club events, parades, etc ...

There is a designation for "Street Rod". It's for cars 25 years and older. The car has to be "substantially" modified from the original design ... Given the car currently has a NC title that indicates it's a 1965, maybe.... maybe... I could sort of sneak this by my MVA as a 1965. Would they notice the car doesn't have a 17 digit VIN? hmmm...

Would any of the Cobra folks on this forum respond as to how their car is titled and registered in MD. PM if you'd prefer (or send to my public email; [email protected]).

thanks, Dave K.
Dave could you PM me if you are still active on this forum? New account, I can't message yet, but I'm in the same area as you and tried using that exact Terry's Tag and Title for a title transfer of my MK3 yesterday without success. Would like to ask some questions.


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