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I opened registration Friday night to the Deep South Cobra Club. Already have 7 participants, and we are holding the event to 20 cars. So, if this sounds like your kind of shindig, sign up...

The Moonshine Mille is a GTA rally (Gimmick, Tour, Adventure) beginning and ending in Macon Georgia. The field is limited to 20 cars, entry fee is $200 per car. One winner takes home at least $2000. (based on number of entries minus base expenses)

The rally starts and ends at the Comfort Suites, 120 Plantation Inn Drive, in Macon GA. No instructions will be given until the morning of the event when you will be given instructions on where to go and what to do at specific destinations (the route is your choice.) You may be asked to locate something using clues, or doing something and documenting it. There may be TSD (Time Speed and Distance) components; regardless, you will need to have your thinking caps on because I have a devious streak. Cars will leave in intervals, so this is not a caravan, nor is it a race. Navigation will be part of the competition, so maps, GPS, and internet are allowed. You might even need a compass.

Expect to drive 500ish miles each day, points are accumulated by completing each task along the route as well as clean navigation and driving. Points will be deducted for failing to arrive at specific checkpoints or for getting involved with the local constabulary. (Get a ticket, lose some points)

Navigator or co-driver is recommended, but not necessary. Remember, this is a competition, NOT A RACE.

I have blocks of rooms set up at two Comfort Suites, one in Macon on the 8th and 10th, (478-314-5130) and one in Athens Tennessee where we will spend the evening of the 9th. (423-252-8030). Both hotels are under $90 and both are booked under 'Moonshine Mille.' You must call each hotel to secure your room. (The entry fee does not include hotels)
To register, go to EventBrite.com and type in Moonshine Mille. (https://www.eventbrite.com/.../moonshine-mille-tickets...) Next, you will get an email from me (Ricky) asking for some basic information such as contact information, car model, shirt size, etc.

Then, if you use Facebook, click 'going' on the Moonshine Mille page and add a post telling us about you and your car so that we all know who will be on this adventure with us.
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