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For those that are looking in to what it takes to title and register your car in Iowa. Here is a list of state required items and a brief explanation of the process. I did not list all the requirements as most of them are just common sense. (If you call Kelly Hamilton she will mail you a copy of the state code)

If you live in Linn,Benton,Tama or Iowa county then you need to contact Kelly Hamilton- (319) 377-8445 with the IDOT and set up an appointment for you to take your car to the local DOT facilities to have her inspect it. One point that was not stressed enough during my early conversations with the DOT was you MUST have proof of ownership of the major components. That is copies of titles in your name or receipts with serial numbers included, the MSO from FFR or sales receipts of new items. I lost my copy of the title to the donor car that I junked out. Kelly politely informed me that without that proof of ownership of my donor car there was no recourse or alternative, my car would NEVER be titled without it!! - talk about panic!! . By the way the local DMV does not keep the records of vehicles once they are junked. So keep those records in a safe place.
After many phone calls I got the required paper work. After that everything went smoothly. The inspection was just a cursory one - headlight highbeam/lowbeam, turn signals,horn and a general safety look over. I was warned that if everything did not look in order the inspection could become much more detailed ( just a warning). Once that was done , I had to stamp the VIN number on the frame and apply a sticker in a viewable location. The car was never started and it never left the trailer.
State Requirements (abbreviated):
1) Defroster/defogger device for vehicles that are enclosed (including convertibles).
2) Door latches - if equipped with doors.
3) Floor pan
4) Windshield - safety glass that complies with ansi standard Z26.1
5) Side and rear glass - Not required , but if you have them they must also be safety glass.
6) Driver visibility - 90 deg. each side interrupted by no more than 4" of windshield/ pillar support on each side.
7) Hood latches - Every vehicle with a front opening hood must have a primary and secondary latching system.
8) Instruments - speedometer calibrated to read in miles/hour. Odometer calibrated to read total miles driven. Steering wheel circular or near circular in shape having an outside diameter no less than 13". An accelerator system that automatically returns to idle.
9) Brakes - Operating brakes on each wheel. The service brakes capable of meeting Iowa code 321.431. Parking brake must operate on at least (2) wheels and meet codes 321.430 and 321.431
10) Rearview mirror - every vehicle must be equipped with at least (2) rearview mirrors. (1) mounted inside and (1) mounted outside the vehicle. Each mirror must have 10 square in. of reflective surface.
11) Seat belts - Must have at least a lap belt- complying with DOT MVSS #209
12) Fenders/mud flaps - must have fenders that cover the tread that comes in contact the road
13) Bumpers - Must be between 14" and 22" above the ground. Must be 4-1/2" tall
14) Exhaust - Free from leaks. Exits near or behind the rear wheel. All exterior pipes must be shielded. Just a note specially constructed vehicles are exempt from emission standards.
15) Steering - No part extending below the wheel rim at the lowest point. Min turning radius of 20ft. Must have between 2 and 6 turns lock to lock.
16) Lighting/electrical - Headlights, tail lights, license plate light, rear reflectors, parking lights, stop lights, turn signals, high/low beam indicator are all required. Also required are high/low beam switch, self canceling turn signal switch, horn.

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Dan thanks for posting the IOWA titling info. Anyone out there bought a title from one of those companys for 150$ or so?A friend in ILL. bought one for his cobra,it was for a 65 Ford convertable and he had no problems at all.The title was from a state out east.By the way i got my fuel pump problem fixed i was missing the little relay that was under my donars driver seat.. WEnt for several go-cart rides and every thing fine so far.
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