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do a search for Thomas #142. Contact him thru PM. He sells the rear quarter window scoops.
I bought them and currently have drivers side install. working on passenger now. excellent quality work. Fits as it should.


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There is a 2007 GTM going on the auction block at Mecums in Cali this weekend.
The car has the rear window scoops, the guy stated they are from the Mark I design he thinks.
Any ideas where to find?
Thanks Billy
PS. My 2009 GTM is in transit.

My e-mail [email protected]
Tom (Thomas#14) http://www.ffcars.com/forums/members/15050-thomas-142.html is the producer of those. Just send him a PM.

Here's the link where Allan (previous owner) added them.

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Thanks for the interest. I have a few F/G parts that I make for the GTM. Here is a list.

1/4 window scoops with window close outs.

Full side ducts (between door and rear wheel).

Over head center console with space for 2 extra gauges.

Rear wing for gen I or gen II with 3rd led brake light.

and a GT40 style hood duct.

All pieces are hand laid with black gel coat and premium vinyl ester resin and are made when ordered so it takes a week or more to ship.
Give me a PM.

Thanks, Tom
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