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Rear Axle Housing Brake Line Bracket

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So here in CT the DMV requires a bracket every 18 inches of brake line. I am running a Mustang 8.8 rear end with drum brakes and each side is greater than 18 inches. Anyone know of any brackets I could use with this setup?
Thank you
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The stock clamps are more than 18"? I don't remember them being that far apart.
The Lincoln MK7 axle housing I am using had a clamp on each side axle tube. I will dig them up. Maybe I can send them as "loaners" until your inspection is done or you find more. I would imagine they can be found at most junkyards.
Steve, my donor had no bracket on the passenger side and on the drivers side just one screwed into the shock mount about 6 inches from the drum. Even if I replace what was there I will still have two runs greater than 18 inches. I will check online to see if I can find a diagram of the stock lines.
Thanks for the offer Nuke. I will take your suggestion and see if I can find them in the junkie's.
Could you use hose clamps to get by inspection?
Thanks for the idea Dale. I saw a similar bracket which was made out of a 3 inch exhaust clamp. My plan is to use either an exhaust or hose clamp if I can't find the MK7 clamps that Nuke suggested.
Thanks everybody for the suggestions.
I like it, an exhaust clamp and then one of these w/ an extra nut.
J&P Cycles® Adel Clamps 1/4″ Inner Diameter | 3800018 | J&P Cycles
Bill, my Mustang rear has a small bend over tab spot welded to the pass side tube about 1/3 out from the center housing. Then just the small bolt on clip on the drivers side that you mentioned. Mine went through inspection as is with no problem. I think the 18" deal is more important for attachments along the frame memebers. One of the inspectors told me the primary thing they look for is that everything is secured well and that there is no posibility of anything rubing with tubing and wiring.
By the way where are you in Ct.
The rear is pretty thick; you could drill/tap a shallow hole and mount the clips that Craig showed.
Here are the one I used from Moser - Moser Engineering - Part # 6BLCLAMP - Assorted Parts
Looks like we have a winner!
Looks like we have a winner!
Hey Bill, if you decide to use the Moser clamps, let me know. I think I may have two left over in my spares that you're welcome to. I'll check tonight and let you know.

Are you talking about these little clips? If the factory doesn't have them every 18" why do you have to? Do you think they will actually check for that?

1986-95 Mustang Hard Brake Line To Axle Housing Clip Pair - LatemodelRestoration.com
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Thanks for the idea Dave. You may be right that the DMV mainly looks to be sure everything is secured well and that there is no posibility of anything rubing with tubing and wiring. I am down in Wilton, about 40 miles from NYC (where are you) and I just want to do as much as I can to avoid any problems since the inspection site is so far away. Trailering the car will be expensive. I have a few options now and I am inclined to go with the exhaust clamp approach.
Thanks again
Thank you for the offer David. I will let you know if the exhaust clamp idea does not work.
I appreciate it.
Another good idea Jay which I will try if the others don't work. I just don't want to risk a problem at DMV by something that is easily fixed. It will be a pain to have to go back.
Thank you
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