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Been working on a full suspension re-vamp on my MKII. Still working on final design, but the idea is to move the shock assembly rearward and back, so the larger diameter QA-1 package can fit inside the UCA, and provide room for additional caster and camber. The as-built location would not, and the UCA would hit the spring. New set-up is very solid, provides excellent strength, 3/16" steel bracket directly attached to the UCA mounting point.

An additional interesting result, is now the shock assembly axis directly matches the ball joint axis, so both move in the same direction.

Softening springs in front from 700 to 500, but moving the VPM sway bar mounts to full firm. In addition, with the 700 springs, the shocks had to be run almost at nothing to have any affect. With the 500's, hoping now I can use them to tune the ride.

Rear springs being softened to 300 from 450.

With my back becoming more of an issue, and can spasm with the wrong move, time to make the car softer, so I would not cringe at every bump. But still want to keep it track-able. Hoping this concept can provide that.

Interested to hear your comments, and if anyone has done this, how it worked.




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I think you will be very happy w/ that setup. Start w/ 4C and 7R in front and 1C and 4R in back. I think you will find that the rear setting controls about 80% of ride comfort so that is where to experiment the most. I have found that running the rear as soft as possible really helps. Also that a setting that is fine around town may give you a little float going over a bridge transition at 70 or so, and one more click R will tame it. BTW do you have an o-ring on the shock shaft? That let's you see how much compression is happening. If no o-ring, put a wire tie on there as tight as possible and clip the end off.
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