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Hey there everyone,

So we have a rare opportunity to own a wonderfully set up G50/52 gearbox with Limited Slip Differential. The best part of this gearbox is that it not only looks brand new, has all of the strengthening upgrades, but also has proper V8 gearing.

Take a look at these ratios and let me know what you think.

ring and pinion 3.44

1st gear is a 2.6154 good till 62.441MPH at 7000 RPM (with 27 inch Tire diameter)
2nd gear is a 1.50 good for 108.871MPH
3rd gear is a 1.125 good for 145.161MPH
4th gear is a 0.9231 good for 176.915MPH
5th gear is a 0.7857 good for 207.845MPH

This would be an ideal race box, but also good for any high hp builder that wants the most durable 5 speed out there.

I don't expect that we will have this long as pricing on this is exceptionally good. Please keep in mind that this is a completely rebuilt gearbox.

$8500.00 plus shipping.

I will post up some pictures once we are done building it but I this one is a looker. Really nice detailing and incredible performance.

Give me a call if you have any questions that I can help with.

Erik Johnson
(303) 440-8899 work
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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