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I check out a trailer a while back that was pretty nice, but a bit too pricey for me at the time. I work with his son and he just let me know he reduced the price significantly.

The Trailer is a late 90's Pace. It's 30ft 3 axle bumper pull. It's got finished walls, cabinets, toilet, 4KW Onan Generator, wash basin, coat closet, and large workbench with drawers, microwave and cabinets. Its also got a pretty crazy boom winch mounted to the back of the trailer that is capable of pulling a motor.

He was asking $12,000.00 When I checked it out and was willing to go to $10,500.00 then. The trailer is now priced at $8500.00. I would snag it right now if I didn’t already purchase a new one.

More info contact: Paul Gallo (916) 791-5629

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