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Going to install overriders and front & rear bumpers on FFR#2774. FFR website says theirs are chrome while Finish Lines are polished stainless steel.

1.Is FFR really chrome and Finish Line polished stainless?
2. Anybody see difference in quality or finish to recommended on over the other or even another vender?
3. Any recommendations just FFR or Finish Line?


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I've been tossing this around as well. I really like the look. The way I read this is that the Finish Line overriders are chrome on brass and the hoops between them are stainless. You buy the hoops seperate from the overriders.

Front Nudge bar/hoop - $180.00
Rear Nudge bar/hoop - $195.00
Overriders (each) - $70.00
Total $655.00

FFR types read to be all chrome at $675.00 for front and read overriders and hoops.

I understand you need a few washers on the finishline set to get the angle right in the front. Don't know about the rear. Talk to Paula.

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Hold the phone.

I assumed the nudge bar/hoop was one complete bumper assembly including the overriders.

Are you sure about that?

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The over-riders are seperate from the hoops.

One thing to find out between Finish Line and the FFR stuff. There was a post once stating that Finishlines hoops would not fit on an FFR. You need to verify before purchase. Enzo or Paula can help answer that.

As Russ stated....There is never a problem with dealing with Enzo and Paula.


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