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Does this happen during all builds or only if you use a certain configuration? I.e. stock rack vs. Flaming River.

Man, everyday I read about more workarounds on this site that probably aren't even mentioned in the FFR Manual. I think I gotta find someone to build mine - I'd never figure some of this stuff out!


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Cobra Jones,
I think that a lot of these problems/work arounds are because a few of us don't follow the manual :eek: . This is such a case. FFR suggests NOT to use 8 inch wheels unless you have their tubular lowers. I went with 8 inch wheels and Mustang lowers knowing this was a problem. Seemed that many others have done the same thing and the spacers were mentioned as a fix back a long time ago. It is supposed to work but it does cut down on your turn radius some. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I figured it was worth a shot.

Don't worry about it. You will figure it out or just ask the great people here that have already figured it out. That's what I end up doing most of the time :D .


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I hate the term "workarounds", which implies an indirect or unacceptable approach. I prefer the term "solutions", the finding of which is the fun part of these projects. The problem-solving is so much fun that several here have mentioned that even while driving the car, they miss the build. Thanks to the Internet we don't have to hang around service stations to get the answers.
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