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I have decided to sell my Diasio D962R. I hate to do it but I am taking care of my dad and it's a full time job and has consumed all of my free time.

I am the original owner of car #7 and have invested a lot of time and money making it a safe, fast and dependable car. The car is as fast or faster than a Formula Mazda and has the advantage of a closed cockpit as well as a passenger seat.

I will post a list of modifications, spares, as well as pictures and links to videos. We run it exclusively at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Il.

Track times are as follows:
Full track: 2:23
South track: 1:23
North track: 1:02 (recently did a 1:03 with a 195# passenger)

This is a full turn key set up with tools and spares

I feel I have it priced fairly ($76,000) considering the list of spares as well as all of the modifications.

The car is very fast and caution should be exercised as the car is not for the inexperienced driver or the faint of heart. In is capable of turning close to 3 G's in turns. Much faster than an Ariel Atom, Noble, Elise, 911. It can stay with GT3 Cups daily without an issue and is much more affordable for parts.

Car has been completely gone through, sorted and all modifications were done to make is reliable, easy to maintain and fast! No expense has been spared to make these changes and no short cuts were taken. I have had only the best people around work on the car.


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