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Powder Coating FAQ - beta flavor

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Here's what I've put together so far. Does anyone see any holes in it?

Powder Coating FAQ

Items required:

1) Powder coating kit ($69.99)

2) Infrared Gas Heater w/ ODS and Piezzo ignition ($64.99)

3) Powder coat paint of your choice ($9.99 ex, black is shown in the link below)

4) Safety goggles and appropriate respirator

5) Metal wire and other misc. components to make a metal hanging stand

6) Epoxy / Paint remover (and appropriate chemical protection gloves)

7) Air compressor

8) Fire Extinguisher

Assemble a metal hanging stand. Make sure not to use wood except for your base. Be sure that the stand is sturdy and will not fall over.

Clean the metal item to be powder coated thoroughly with epoxy or paint remover (make sure to wear appropriate gloves). Using metal wire, hang the metal item to be powdered on your metal stand. Use an air attachment in conjunction with the air compressor and blow off any possible remaining contaminants on the metal item.

Note: if you are powdering a lighter colored powder (ie red, white, yellow, etc) if there are burn marks or other dark marks on the metal, they may show through. If there are a lot of marks on the metal you are planning to powder coat, I’d suggest testing a small area to see how it turns out. Powder coating is not fun to remove after it’s been cured to the metal object.

Place the appropriate colored powder into the powder coater kit’s plastic jar. Screw the jar onto the powder coating device. Hook the powder coating device up to the air compressor. The air compressor should be set at 15 PSI. Attach the black alligator clip (grounding clip) to one of the rails on the metal hanging stand you built.

Note: If you are really anal, you can test connectivity between the rail on the hanging stand and the metal object you are about to powder coat.

Make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment on. Hold the trigger on the powder coater and adjust the flow to the desired amount. Keep the powder coating gun at least 2 inches AWAY from the metal device.

Warning: I actually got the gun too close to one of my f-panels. A spark ignited and the f-panel caught on fire. BE CAREFUL!

Coat the metal object thoroughly making sure you have all exposed areas evenly covered. If there are lumps after you have sprayed, I’d suggest using your compressor and a “blow” accessory to remove the powder coating lumps from the object. After that has been completed, re-apply the powder to the object.

Once the object has been adequately coated with powder, it’s time to fire up the propane heater. Turn on the propane heater to the low setting (should be 7500 btu’s). Wait a couple minutes for the unit to warm up. If you are curing (aka cooking) a large piece of metal, start at the bottom of the piece of metal and work your way up. Place the propane IR heater approx ½ to ¼ inches in front of the metal object. Make sure not to touch the metal object with the propane heater as that will disrupt the nice spread of powder on the metal object. Watch the metal object closely; it should start to change from a dull powder into a very shiny, almost liquid like substance. If smoke starts to come from the piece of metal, it is getting over cooked. Remove the heater immediately and place it on a different spot on the metal object if it is large (or if the object is completely cooked, you’re done with the heater). For large objects, keep moving the propane heater horizontally, until the object is complete cooked at the bottom, then gradually move the propane heater up, and then move along the horizontal again. Keep moving the propane heater in this fashion until the object is complete cooked. The object should be smooth, shiny, and glossy when it is properly cooked. Make sure to leave the object hanging from the metal rack and give it enough time to cool down before you attempt to move it.

Safety is extremely important. Please remember you are dealing with hot metal objects, a high voltage powder coating device, and powder floating in the air. Use common sense, wear your protective gear, and follow the safety directions that are included with the powder coating device.

-Brad (aka PowderCoatingKing)

Disclaimer – Please use the above instructions at your own risk and under the proper supervision with the correct safety precautions. I can not be held liable for any damages or complications arising from the above directions.

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Looks good, once you're happy with it, let me know and we have it added to the FAQ,

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