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Podless dash wiring

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I am looking for any tips while doing this. I rememver there being a couple of pictures of the podless dash rewire,where they traced out the circuits and what not.

I can use a common negative and positive for the guages right, then there will be just one signal wire for each right?
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Yes, but you should get the Helms manual for your year since color codes, etc change. Also you must make sure that you wire in a 510 ohm resistor across the engine light-it is the tickler for the alternator and with out it, it won't charge. Many of us used molex connectors (Radio Shack)so the dash would be easily removable. The female connector pins from an extra molex are also perfect for attaching wires to pins that come out of the rear of each gauge-much tighter than the butt connectors supplied by FFR. Good Luck

Dave :D
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