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Congrats on an EXTREMELY well done donor build. I know FFR will one day go away from this concept completely due to the age of the donors, but you did the donor concept PROUD!

Job well done, now go put some miles on that baby and hopefully we'll see you at some of the Deep South Cobra Club functions!


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Alan put some gas in the tank as the trip to the Nav-A-Gator is Sunday January 30, where you will be able to meet 30 plus cobra owners.

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Very nice build and even more so for being a donor build!

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Alan, You've done yourself and the FFR community as a whole quite proud with that build - it looks great! It certainly goes to show that attention to detail and budget/donor build can go hand-in-hand to turn out inspiring results. Thanks for the inspiration.

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great photo of the Iwo-Jima statue, a great tribute to the Marine Corps as well
great job My dad would love that photo.:icon18:had to bring that pic back to the top


Colors are Viper Red and Pure White.

Finish Line
Breeze Automotive
Alex’s Custom Roadster Interiors
Herb’s Door Panels
Summit Racing
CJ Pony Parts
Mustangs Unlimited
O.E. Wheels

I’ve only driven it about 50 miles, but it’s a blast. This thing is quick as hell, so I can't imagine a launch in a stroker or big block version. I don’t have photos posted anywhere on the web, so I’m including several here:


More photos coming...

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Congrats on the build. She is a beauty and I love the stance. Best of luck with it!!!

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Thanks, again, guys for the comments. It was truly a gratifying experience to do this build solo - not counting the endless help here - and have it come out so well. I wasn’t expecting this to pop up again, but I guess Sergio’s graduation announcement brought it to the top again. To Sergio, thank you for continuing this tradition. I was looking forward to earning my graduation cap and look forward to viewing many more.
I’ve already had a couple post-grad events, one good, one bad. On Jan 22 I took the MkIII to a local church car show, received many compliments, and brought home a trophy. I won’t be doing this much, but its nice to support local charities, school, etc. Cruises, shows, and cruise-ins are quite popular here, especially during the winter: A cool 69 degrees here today. On Jan 30 I went to meet up with the Deep South Cobra Club for an event and the FFR supplied remote oil filter mount gave up (developed a crack between the inlet/outlet ports and spewed a little more than a quart of oil all over the engine bay and chassis) and I had to be towed home:mad:. Thanks to a few members here who have posted their experiences with the remote system and the Ford Racing oil filter adapter, I ripped out the remote mounts/hoses and installed the adapter. To Joe Camire; I agree that FFR should do away with the remote system and supply the adapter for shorty header applications. After 10 hours of cleaning and 2 minutes to install the adapter, I was on the road again. I know this won’t be my last adventure with this car, I just hope they are few and far between…
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