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Planning mk4 roadster build in Sherwood Park

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My father and I are planning on doing a build together and have been looking around Edmonton and area at a couple roadster, already met a great bunch of people that are willing to show you around and offer help.

We are also new to this forum, this is our first post. We are looking for anyone in the Edmonton area that would be willing to show us there car and talk to us about the build. We want to have as much knowledge about these cars as we can before taking on our own build.

We have seen a couple of mk2 bodies, we would really like to see the minor differences in the mk4, I am 6"4 and need all the leg room I can get.

A few things we would really like to know more about is widening driver and passenger foot-wells, and we are thinking about putting in a LS3 engine, if there is anyone that can give us any sort of information on those things it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Peter and Andrew
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Welcome, I hope you enjoy the build.
and we are thinking about putting in a LS3 engine
BLASPHEMERS!!!!!! :D:D:neenerneener:

But really, welcome and you are proceeding wisely. Maximum research leads to minimal rework.
I am 6'2" and fit in my Mk4 well. I have the Kirkey vintage lowback seats, which put you about 2-3" lower and 2-3" further back. It is actually quite a comfortable drive so far (about 2100 miles on it since mid-July). Here is a pic showing the 2 different seats. You can see the extra room.

While the FFR Mk4 is setup for Ford engines (302/351 Windsor, 4.6L/5.0L/5.8L modular, FE or 385 big block) many have installed LS engines. You will have to bury yourself in the non-Ford threads ... all 4 of them :001_tongue: ... but I am sure some searching for "LS1" or "LS3" will produce more results. While Carroll Shelby made these cars famous with Ford engines back in "the day", most don't admit that he originally went to GM for their new small block engine first. After all, he did race an Allard J2 with a Cadillac engine, as did Zora Arkus-Duntov! GM didn't want the competition for their Corvette, so they turned him down.
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thanks nukemmc! great picture. we have been looking at those thinner lower seats but our only concern is the difference in comfort when compared to the thicker one you have on the passenger side.
Welcome to the forum. I own a MK II.I'm 6' 1" tall and weigh 240. I fit in it pretty well.From what I've seen the MKIV has narrower foot boxes than the MK II and are off to the to the sides a little more than the MK II. I think the foot boxes were made a tad smaller to fit the mod motors.You could open up the foot boxes and still fit in the LS motor.Roger
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