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I have tried to send you a Private mail but you havent read it yet.

I was hoping you could send me a picture of your dash with the starter button installed.
Also, I have a drawing on how to hook it up, although I dont have a connector for the small pins. What did you use?

Thanks for the help,

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I have been MUCHO busy, give me a day or two. I don't know if I have pics, but I soldered wires right to the pins and heat shrunk them. I can give you the circuit diagram if you need it?

Bob can tell you what my Saturday was like:

Wake up
Take wife to airport ~1/2 hr
Drive up to Bob's house to get sidepipes ~1 hr
Spend time swapping great stories with Bob ~1 hr
Gawk and drool over Bob's car and plane stuff ~1 hr
Drive home ~1 hr
Change clothes
Drive to Delaware ~1.5 hrs
Visit with parents, brother, nephews and nieces ~4 hrs
Choke down dinner ~15 mins
Drive home in sleet ~1.5 hrs
Unload pipes, walk/feed dog, cleanup house
Check email, GO TO SLEEP.


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