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Thank you to all the continuing support from the forum members here! This year there was a special request of one of those supporters about doing something so they can watch us at the races. "If you want something done in technology, hire an eight year old". I got one of my students to figure all this out and in about 4 minutes we were "ON THE AIR". It is about a 7 second delay and the quality is about average. We will be able to shoot up to five live videos and post them at the same time. We are thinking of pit stop action, where the crew will wear iphones and record some exciting stuff! We will monitor
the factory five forum" and keep in touch with comments and report any inside stuff going on with other teams. This year we have great t-shirts for the goody bags for all out supporters. You can contact crash. These shirts are specific designs for the 10th annual and the drivers. You will be able to get them autographed by the drivers if you wish.

The site is "Ustream" and the link or search is pdg25hourthunderhill


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Richard, I don't want to be a fly in the ointment, but in previous years the issue has been band width availability at the track. IIRC Karen had a great setup, but it was difficult to stream it out because of the band width issue. Maybe you have addressed this already? Do we have a sat link I don't know about?:001_tongue:
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