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For the first time since I built the car in 1997, I had to get an emissions test. I thought I might be exempt, wrong! I guess they don't emission vehicles for the first 5 years in Washington State.

It is a 1988 EFI motor I have catalyctic converters but the air pump was not hooked up. I was also concerned they would make me pass the 1997 emissions and not the 1988 requirements. I brought all of my inspection paperwork and a copy of the Mustang Donor Title so I could prove that I had full disclosure when I built it.

The emissions office was awestruck and confused on what to do. They all came over and checked out the car. After little discussion and no arguments, they set me up for the 1988 5.0 requirements and ran the test. It not only passed but it REALLY passed. The HC read 16 PPM at cruise (25 mph) and the limit was 150 PPM the CO was .01 percent at cruise and the limit was 1.0 percent. I probably could have passed the 1997 requirements. These are clean running motors!

I left with a huge smile. I have never had such a good time at the emissions office!
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