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I got some stuff for sale and I will list it all, everything is first come and make me an offer, we run two car in the spec series and this is just some extra parts we have.

Springs $35/pair

These are all 10"long, 2.5"dia.

700#-2 sold
650#-2 sold
725#-2 sold

These are all 10"long, 1.5"dia.


Take up springs,and sliders 1 set

Pro Shocks $50/ea
Rears (new) 57s-6

Front (new)
sightly used -3

8.8 "black gold" third members- 2
"make offer"

Lower rear arms (new)-2

Dash with holes for guages pre cut (new) 1

Battery Box

Autometer Black Face Gauges
-water temp 2"
-Tach 3-3/8"
-fuel level 2"
-oil pressure 2"

Autometer Tach
ultralight white face
In dash 5"

Venom 400 Performance Control Module (new)

Khumo Victoracers 700,40x17 255's 4 (new)

Panard rod mount for three link rear (new)

Lakewood Shatter shield

Remote radiator fill tank from tri states

If anyone wants any of this just drop me a line, and make your offer, you pay for shipping and its yours.

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I'd be interested in the brake line kit, but need a little more info..
which lines exactly and for what brakes and MC?
Maybe the shatter shield too

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I am interested in the 17" Kirkey. Is the cover vinyl or velour and what color is it.

Bob C

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PM sent!

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Interested in the battery box. More information please. Who makes it, how does it mount, size of battery, weight to ship to Denver?
Thanks, Ken

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I have added another piece I found while cleaning.
It's a remote filler tank for the radiator, it doesn't fit on a spec racer but does on the street car. It's a nice unit, I think it's from tri states. If anyone wants it just make me an offer, I'm not using it so someone should.I will also update the list of part. what is sold and what isnt'

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Interested in the remote filler. Got a pic? Couldn't find it on tri-states website.

Edit: Is this it?

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