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Parking Brake Mod - Update 2

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Here are some updated pics of my parking brake mod. Additional info is in the original pic post . Almost complete except I still have to fabricate the access hole cover. Even used the leather boot that comes with the kit (modified). Need to put something on the handle to hold the boot tight against the handle. Had to make a new T-cable about 3" longer and shorten both rear cables.

Let me know what you think. I'm extremely happy with the way it's coming out.

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Here's a copy of the bezel drawing. It was made from a piece of 4" x 1/8" 6061-T6. I got a 42" piece for about $12 CDN.

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Very cool!!! I would like to relocate mine also, so that gets me thinkin'.
Great finishing touches there Rod. As soon as my T5 blows up (soon) I'll be doing that mod to my tunnel and I'll be calling you up for some more details. How did you end up dealing with the spring tension issue?

Take care,
Nice looking work there, Rod.

Are you sure the e-brake won't interfere with the tranny or your shifter position ?

Love the metal trim ring....you should sell those !

- SB
That is just really slick. The best I've seen and exceptionally nice workmanship.
Very Nice Rod !

You made that Bezel? I need to make a more complex one, mine will combine BOTH the Bezels for the Ebrake and the Bezel for the Shifter, also need to make a LARGE bezel to put on the Dash.

so, you made it?
Looks good, I'd like to do a similar mod at some point. How did you make the bezel? What did you use to cut it? Thanks.

Just terrific! great workmanship.... You should add the everson handle cover now for the final touch. Its a very nice piece.

e brake handle cover
Thanks for the compliments guys!! :D

Dan, In the first post a couple of people posted links showing some ways to disable the adjuster. I ended up doing it the way Chuck (Cwood) indicated in this post . I just cut the ratchet mechanism arm (yellow line) and let the spring unwind (you can see it unwound un the first couple of pics). May cut the spring out of there next time I take it out.

SB, Did a mock-up with the tranny in the first post (see link above). Clearance isn't a problem with the T-5.

DMW, Thanks! You were part of the inspiration for this.

Sergio and Garnet, yep, I made the bezel. You can see the first stages in a couple of the later pics above. I plotted out the template (added a jpeg version above) from AutoCAD using a hi res plotter and then cut out the border (you can see one template in the pics but the one for manufacturing did not have the center part cut out). Taped the template to the aluminium (line up one side to reduce the number of cuts) and then used a center punch to mark all the hole centers (including the centers for the two end radii). Removed the template and used a compass (you still have your high school set?) to draw the outer radii for both ends and then drew a line to connect the tangents. Cut about 1/16" - 1/32" away from the line with a jig saw. Then used the belt on a bench mounted sanding station (10" wheel and 4" belt) to trim it down to the line. Cut the end radius to within 1/16" with the jig saw and then used the wheel on the sanding station to bring it down fairly close and the belt to smooth it down the rest of the way.

Used a good quality bi-metal hole saw to make the internal radius and then joined them up using the jig saw (1/16"). Used a couple of different sanding disks and drums to smooth out the sides. This last part was the most difficult and, if you look in the fifth pic you can see a small nick on the inside radius at the back/right side of the bezel. I'll be making another.

I then sanded out any scratches with a small orbital sander and gave it a bushed finish using scotch brite.

When installing it on the car you want to match drill it. Drill the front or rear hole and bolt it, then drill for the bolt at the other end and bolt it, then drill the rest of the holes. If you want a really good match on the center slot then you want to match it to the car before cutting out the center on the bezel and use the center holes for the two end radii to mark the tunnel cover.

Sergio, If you send me some info (dimensions, etc.) on what you want I can do up a template for you to fit. May even be willing to make them up for the cost of materials (unless you were looking forward to the challenge). Would be neat to have a part on SuperCobra. PM me or give me a ring (I PM'd my number to you) if you'd like.

Chuck, Thanks! Nice handle, something to consider. May keep this one though as a tribute to my Mustang for it's contribution. It was my first car which I bought new in '87 so it meant more than most donors. Then of course it was just a car and I still have the heart! We'll see.

Thanks again guys.

Cheers, Rod
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Rod, that is the best setup I have seen yet. If you are willing to build up a kit for your parking brake design I would be willing to buy one, although I hate to think about taking off the drivers floor pan to cut an access hole in side of the tunnel.

Good job.
- Bob
Very nice. You guys keep coming up with great ideas.
I think we should give out E-brake handle awards...

Very nice idea, and very nice execution.
These types of mods need to be cataloged somewhere with all the pic's and drawings so the rest of us can admire/lust/copy them.
What is the size of the tube used to make the bracket for the base of the e-brake handle?
Tork, thanks! I wish I had the time to produce it as a kit but that would mean not finishing the car. You can see my dilema. I will produce additional drawings when I get a chance.

Cory and Jackel, thanks!

Bill3422, the tube is 1-1/2" x 3/4" steel. I picked up a foot of it and it was enough to do both the mount and the cable bracket.

Cheers, Rod
Here is a drawing for the mount. I'll post them for the enclosure and cable bracket when I get a chance to draw them up.

Cheers, Rod

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This all sounds interesting and great! Can anyone help me understand what I need to do to see the pictures? all I get is a box with an X in it???
Bob Mac
Bob, that is rather strange as the pics are on PhotoBucket and you are the first I have heard with a problem. Do you see pictures posted by others? If you right click on the box with the X and select show picture does it come up?

Cheers, Rod
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