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Palm Bay Autocross Practice Report

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7 Cobras, one Bullitt, one chase car rockin' north on I-95 yesterday to Palm Bay for an autocross practice. Early morning, cool temps (that would change), droolers in all the cars we past.

Stopped for breakfast at the IHOP in Palm Bay. The car lot became an impromptu car show. A nice old gent asked where we were going and I told him (more on that later).

I had never been to one of these before. Sun got hot, but what a neat time. Sponsering group were super nice, laid on a nice lunch, drinks etc. Hell, even the Port-a-pottie was clean.

Happy to say that the best time of the day belonged to one of the Cobras.

Lots of passers-by came awatchin'. The old dude from the IHOP showed up with an album. Seems he went home to get it. Said he did not want to get into the "I had one once" stories without proof. Turns out he had owned two slab sides and a 500GT. There were old faded pictures. Neat! I guess somebody should have given him a ride but after spending about an hour watching, he dissapeared as quickly as he had come. Ghosts of 289's past.

Typically, S. Florida, after baking us all day, the rains cometh. My rider and I went through about 6 wash, rinse and dry cycles on the 100+ mile trip home.

Well, just thought I'd share.

Frank n Sons.
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JOHN JOHN JOHN... How did the bars work?

Did you do any adjusting of the rear bar and see what impact it had?

Good job to Inman... He must have some great car control to make the stock rear fast! ;)

If he installed the 3 link, Ide guess he would get another second at least.

I improved 2 seconds on the autocross course with the spec racer after installing the 3 link.

At our practice event this weekend , I was 1.5 seconds faster in Scotts stock FFR with 3 link than my brother Kevins car (spitting image of Scotts) but with the stock 4 link and springs after about 3 runs... and Scott had stock seats and Kevins had a Kirkey...

I was 4 seconds faster in the Mistress than I was in Scotts car. DotR tires really make a difference. :D
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Based on my research, the right compound slicks will be good for AT LEAST another 2 seconds if your car is optiimized for them.

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