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I have been driving myself nuts over the issue of overheating. I checked everything after I changes heads and was starting to think I messed up the install.
It came down to getting air in my cooling system every time I drove the car. I figured out even though I had a 20lb cap on the radiator and a 16lb on my T fitting. I never capped off the overflow nipple on the radiator. Even though the caps wont pop at different pressure levels they suck air or coolant at the same rate. With the overflow tank having coolant in it which was hooked up to the T. The system sucked air in through the radiator nipple. I capped off the radiator fitting and no more overheating. I also burped the hell out of the system.
I am so stoked. I hope this helps someone.

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If you plan on using the filler "tee" in the upper hose, take the radiator to a shop and have them take off the filler neck and solder a piece in place of it to cap it off. This removes the extra cap and also the nipple at the same time.
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