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A while back, I told some of you about my cousin that was a doctor stationed in Africa... They send a lot of the troops there for treatment.. Anyway, Mark is on the way home.... and here is his final email to us.....
Thanks guys for all you did.. it was awesome.

Here is the final picture of some of our group from Djibouti. These are
the people here who attended the Los Angeles Trauma course last year at LA
County Hospital.
You should be able to increase size if it is too small.
I will be leaving for home in a few days. This is my final e-mail to
everyone for one last time, I will call everyone when I return as well
because I thought it would be more 'real' and personal to personally talk to
everyone when I get back.

Thanks especially to Al and his automobile group for sending me all of the
encouraging letters over the months.

Thanks to Melise for the nice stories
of home in the hills of Virginia and the cool pic of her mutt dog freezing
in the snow. Also for the thoughtful and nice gifts she sent for the boy's
Thanks Ceil for all of the wonderful magazines (seemed like thousands),
DVD's, (fattening but tasty) cans of nuts, Atlanta newspapers, and support.
We had hundreds of letters from school children from around the country
sharing their support for our part in the Enduring Freedom war on terrorism.
I have kept some of the letters, they are pretty funny and good. When I
return, I will share them with everyone.
Thanks to my church, The Vineyard, for also providing lots of gifts and
clothes for the boys orphanage as well.
Finally, thanks to my wife, Del, for keeping everything together back home
with all the household and financial responsibilities. It kept me from
worrying so I could focus on doing my thing here in Africa.
See everyone soon. God bless everyone."

Lt. Mark Roman is on the front row 2nd from left

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That's great, I'm happy for him. :D

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Have sent Mark several emails after you posted your request last year and have received some in return. Nice to see who they went to.

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