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OT...what a day!

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So here we are, 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on top of a nice slick coating of ice. I have 3 daughters here along with 3 son-in-laws and 5 grandchildren and nobody can get home. So I guess the 13 of us will have to find soft spots on the floor for those who don't get beds. I love New England winters....
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Good Morning to all of you 'UP EASTERS!'

Those of us in the beautiful South Florida are enjoying the passage of a Cold Front on Christmas Day. Today the temperature is in the upper 40's with super clear skys except the normal clouds to the East out over the Gulf Stream waters of the Atlantic Ocean where the surf temperature is a cool 78 degrees.

Oh, Yes. The palm trees are swaying to a light northerly breeze. It is absolutely beautiful here today.


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