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This is way off topic. Listen to this short cut - you need Real Player and also listen to this short comedy outake.

I had the pleasure of seeing a ******* comdy show staring Jeff Foxworthy a while back. But the funnist part of the show was Larry The Cable Guy! I got his CD and haven't stop laughing. He's going to be a big hit, so you better go see him while he's still unknown. Buy your tickets early!!!


If you don't like red neck jokes, political bashing and good fun, don't go. Stay home and count your chickens. If you like to laugh your ass off, go see Larry's show.

The dates that say, "Blue Collar Tour" will have Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy. This show is soooo funny! Bill's the guy who does the Bama Jelly TV ads and does the skit about "Here's Your Sign".

Houston guys: Let's get a group of Cobras to go 10/2-5, The Laff Stop, Houston, Texas.

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Bill, I'm sure Jackie will be first in line for tickets (NOT!). I attended the last show with Bill and Larry the Cable Guy was very funny. Bill immediately purchased the CD and if he plays it one more time his wife will see him in court.

Larry's funny, I don't care who you are.

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