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Yup I got one at the Cobra Experience last weekend

And got one for my son who just picked up a ‘16 GT350


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A couple years ago, Steinmart of all places had a big run of Cobra shirts. I loaded up and still have a few new ones that I haven't broken out yet. I keep checking, but they haven't done it again.

As far as USB, I actually did a double USB and a cigarette style plug, so I have both.

I gutted a garage door opener and have that behind the dash with buttons on my under dash panel.
I have buttons for a radar detector on my under dash. The detector plugs into a phone jack under the dash in the center when in use. I also have an extra bright LED in one of my warning lights because I am likely not to hear the warning.

Other stuff I have seen:

A friend of mine did "LED bolts" in the engine bay. It really lights it up nicely if you need to get under there at night. So there is another one. Engine bay and trunk lighting.

Third brake light. I've seen a couple of those.

Trailer hitch. For towing a tire trailer to the track. There was a guy making a bolt in one years ago.

Boot bag. Here is a good one since you are doing a tanker. Weatherproof bag that straps onto the trunk.

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Here's my running list of 'extras' on top of the roadster itself... yikes, you guys aren't kidding about how things can get out of control....!!

I have a bunch of common 'good known items' and others that may be optional, which ones do you have, or wish you had? please add more to my wallet :) LOL
items with an 'X' I already have....

everything should be linked if you need more info :)

edit: updated with feedback

A/CFord JR3Z-19703-A A/C compressor$400.00
A/CAIRCONDITIONWhitby Motorcars A/C, Heat, Defroster$1,400.00
Body70551Breeze Lower Radiator Support Kit$44.00
Body70772Breeze Radiator Fan Shroud$79.00
BodyMDL2500Driveshaft Safety Loop$129.00
BodyFFMetal Firewall Forward Kit$179.00
Body70558Heavy Duty Hinged Radiator/Shroud Mounting Kit$45.00
Body70031Radiator Cowl Cover Kit for use with FFR Hinges$44.00
BodyAlex's Wheel Well Liners$255.00
Body35303Billet Aluminum Side-View Mirror Set with Polished Finish$250.00
CoolingBMS-104BMS-104 Lower hose kit for Coyote$164.00
FuelAEI-12347Aeromotive 12347 Line Filter (an-6 Male) 10 Micron$118.04
FuelAEI-12701Aeromotive 12701 Filter Mounting Bracket, Black Spring Steel$19.94
Fuel14031Boyd Welding Factory Five MK4 Stealth 340 Tank$867.00
FuelCIN-SN35T11Classic Instruments SN35T11$95.99
InteriorCobra Valley Seat Heaters$189.00
Interior70561Breeze Engine Compartment Battery Mounting Kit, Mk4 Roadster$139.00
Interior35456Breeze Koolmat Insulation Kit for Mk4 Roadster Rear Cockpit Wall$169.00
Interior35455Breeze Koolmat Insulation Kit for Mk4 Roadster, 14 piece$419.00
Interior185913Dark Water Customs Door Sill Trim$79.95
Interior185861Dark Water Customs Glove Box$57.50
InteriorDash steering hole trim ring$30.00
Interior70602Installation Kit for New Steel Frame “Classic” Seats$189.00
InteriorRuss Thompson Turn Signal$275.00
InteriorUnder Dash Filler Panel$35.00
InteriorCONSOLEWhitby Motorcars Center Console$50.00
SteeringFactory Five ePowerSteering kit$650.00
TiresA052Yokohama ADVAN A052 Tires$1,711.90
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