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OOOOOooohhhhh....gotta love those sexy F-panels!!

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LMAO...well, this is my FIRST panel that was formally riveted to the chassis, paint and all. I used a 1500 degree high heat satin silver spray paint from the local hardware store...I was able to find some Zinc-Chromate primer at a local car parts store, so that is cool as well.

Don't think it turned out too badly!

Not too sure how it will WEAR, but so far so good.


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Originally posted by RacingRob:
Then I remembered about that corosive salt air environment that goes along with living in paradise!
Don't stop now! Get riveting! ;)
Yeah...every blessed thing that can corrode in this kit is gonna have primer and paint on it...

Taking a little bit longer to do, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Wolf...yeap, I live about two miles EAST of the bridges that join Nassau to Paradise Island.

Dave...they are really going to need to be painted. I've seen what the salt air will do to the aluminum skin on my plane...I can't see why the kit will be any different...if not WORSE as I am going to park the car almost on the beach for most of its life, where my plane is parked in the center of the island. I am giving it a fairly thorough cleaning, a nice thin layer of Zinc-Chromate and a thin enough paint coat just to cover the Zinc...don't want it toooo thick so the paint starts to peel...

Time will tell...I may regret, but hopefully not.

If we had a powdercoating shop down here, I'd powder coat in a heart beat...just ain't gonna happen though.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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