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OOOOOooohhhhh....gotta love those sexy F-panels!!

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LMAO...well, this is my FIRST panel that was formally riveted to the chassis, paint and all. I used a 1500 degree high heat satin silver spray paint from the local hardware store...I was able to find some Zinc-Chromate primer at a local car parts store, so that is cool as well.

Don't think it turned out too badly!

Not too sure how it will WEAR, but so far so good.


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Hold it David...

Yea Baby, Paint it all! Zinc-Chromate has been used on airplanes (and trucks) for over 50 years! As long as you prep it correctly, it will be fine. (Now I have to admit, if you just paint it without pickeling it, nope it won't last. There's been a lot of questions lately about clearing the aluminum.)

Also McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com) has some nice silicone stainless steel in a can that is good up to 1500 degrees. I used it on my J-Pipes and it works like a champ.

Keep us posted on the progress Neill!

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