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Ontario License Renewal

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A few months ago there were some postings about changes to Kit Car regulations in Ontario that are to take effect in 2013. Some people were concerned, me included, that we may have to pass an emissions test to renew our plates.. My plates are due in Febuary so I went today, Dec. 31st, and renewed for 2 years, no questions asked.

Happy New Year

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Unless you heard of something to the contrary, I don't think there's been a change with respect to kit car registration or kit car exemptions from Drive Clean testing. But what seems to have changed is the MOE Smog Patrol's recent clampdown (last couple years) on collector cars of all types, including Cobra kits, and their authority to order roadside emissions testing or worse. I've been staying away from most cruise-ins/car shows as this is an easy and favourite target for them.

I have heard that they may stop the etest program actually.

Just gossip right now.
This would be great, as it would save the pointless bother and expense on our daily drivers. But have you heard whether they plan to change the Smog Patrol's blitzes on collector cars and car shows?
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