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Well I made this video a couple years ago, but had a hard time getting it uploaded until now. In any event it's now on my website storage, so I can now share it.

And yes, Chevy Randy was a huge inspiration with several things. The song used is in his build video too. It's one of my favorite songs and couldn't find anything that I liked better. We used different color reds, but his car was one of the red ones that caught my eye back when I was trying to decide colors. And lastly, our license plates are very close! I liked the plate because building one of these cars was a CRAZZY dream of mine many years ago. I also feel like people think I'm CRAZZY when they see me rolling down the highway in the cold, or in the middle of a rain storm.. Okay, and I might drive a little CRAZZY from time to time too, but mostly at the track. :)


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