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Last night I finished up bracing the drivers side rocker panel mold.

Now I only have one body mold left to make. That is the rear diffuser. So the exterior body molds I have made are:

Rear Fenders (x2)
Billet Fuel Door Recess
Trunk Lock
License Plate Recess
Rear Spoiler
Door - Outer (x2)
Door - Inner (x2)
Side Vents (x2)
Rocker Panels (x2)
Door Sill Recess (x2)

There were other fiberglass pieces that I made, but with no molds.

Front Air Dams(x2)
Side Fresh Air Vents (x2)
Head Lamp Recesses (x2)

I still have to make the final pieces for the inner door skins and rocker panels, but having only one more mold to make for the body work is a big milestone.

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Howdy Ron,

Really? Only one mold left? :0

I love looking at your site and saying "Gee, why don't I do that? Oh, right ....... No time and no talent."

Keep up the great work!

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