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Well, the roadster has 186 miles on it and by the end of tomarrow should be around 300. Been having a blast the whole time. I've read alot of stories about what it's like to really drive one of these things, but it's so much better to actually do it. In the short while I've been behind the wheel I've noticed a few things.

You can have a Cobra (replica) with the crappiest paint job in the world and people will still like it (mine's un-painted).

The younger kids really like the body style and they're not afraid to let you know it. They'll give you thumbs up, go out of their way to look at it, and yell compliments as they go by.

I found that 100 mph doesn't seem much different than 60 mph. The car rides the same and it doesn't seem like you're going that fast.

Small children like to wave at Cobras. I don't know why.

Driving a Cobra up and down the rows at the Ford dealership gets alot of salemen outside.

Bumpy roads suck. And having to pee while traveling one is murder.

The wife says roadsters are fun to ride in but you can't go inside anywhere. It's one of those "hair" things. I don't see a problem.

Can't wait until tomarrow!



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You'll have to drive that thing all summer looking like that. Once in and driving you can't seem to find the time to let it sit for the body work and paint. But, then again you have a long winter for such things. In the mean time ENJOY!!!!


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Greg, you mean it's actually thawed out enough to drive in MN! Congratulations on getting the car on the road. I remember how great it use to feel when I could get my Vette out for the first time after a long MN winter.

Your observations are very familar. You did leave one out. All those guys at the gas stations who say they (or their dad) owned an original.

Go enjoy!!


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Hey Greg
All those things you say are sure true! I have maybe 1500 mi on my car. I live in a small community between Abq and Santa Fe. Everybody knows that there is some nutcase in the mountains with some kind of a loud, fast, yellar car up there. It is really a trip!
Marc A
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