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Nuke's 8189 Build

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After 20+ years of desire (lust); and 3 1/2 months of waiting since I put in the order, #8189 arrived today.
Specs for the build (so far):
MK4 base kit, bare frame, cutouts, FFR vintage gauges, 3-link, bare sidepipes, tubular LCAs, Kirkey vintage seat upgrade

Engine - F4TE roller 351w, .030 over, stock crank/rods, SpeedPro H-E pistons, +19cc dish, coated skirts, Twisted Wedge 170cc heads, 58cc chambers, full roller rockers, Performer RPM Air Gap intake, Holley Street Avenger 670, MSD ignition

Transmission - TKO600 from Mike Forte

Drivetrain - Lincoln MkVII 8.8, North's axles, 3.27 Trac-Lok

Brakes - 2003 GT 11/10.6" with Hawk HPS(F) and HP+(R), Fox vacuum booster & Villager 1" M/C - probably upgrade to Cobra 13/11.65" soon

Empty Garage needing something ... hmmmm

Stewart's barely got off the road thanks to a few low branches. Close enough for the dolly though!

Mine is the last delivery for this load. The one under it and the THREE behind are repo's heading back to FFR!!!!

Easy does it! You get the impression he has done this once or twice?

Cheesy, but required!

Welcome Home!

Now comes the inventory and next week's 14+ hour days at work and the journey begins!
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Let the fun begin!!
Great! Looks like plenty o' room to get the work done. Enjoy!

(don't understand the repo cars)
That awesome. let the fun begin.

Did I hear you correctly, there were three Repo's on the truck..

How can that happen ?
congrats!! enjoy the journey its a blast!!!
Get some insulation in that garage before winter sets in... Oh and a heater will be necessary too! Looks like a great workshop, motor looks ready to go. Congratulations and welcome to the fray!

Did I hear you correctly, there were three Repo's on the truck..

How can that happen ?
(don't understand the repo cars)
Actually 4, 1 under my car and 3 behind it.

I cannot understand it either. Apparently a pro builder out west bought 10, built and sold 6 and couldn't afford to keep the other 4. Damned shame.
Hey Chief-

Congratulations on the delivery! It looks like you are off to a great start. Your garage is ready to go. However, as pointed out above, I think you are going to need some insulation...

I am sure you must be stoked to get started. Please keep us updated as you move forward!

That repo comment is very curious. I am not sure how that would work. It is unfortunate...

Let the fun begin! I look forward to following your progress. Best of luck!


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The piece of paper on the front with my name on it was one of my favorite bits.

Best wishes with your build.

The obligatory staged shot with the steering wheel. I was dog tired but still having a howling good time.:D
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Hmmmmm maybe a repo sale when they get back to FFR! Congrats on the delivery nukem !
Nuke: You are on your way, now the fun begins. I'll share this for what it's worth. I found this late in my build from one of my fellow forum friends. If you have a question go to google or use the link below then enter site:ffcars.com what you want info about like site:ffcars.com installing motor and trans, trimming aluminum, adjusting side pipes, which motor mounts to use, mid shift kits, sway bars, SAI mod, Ackerman, power steering, power brakes, bleeding brakes, etc. It's all here you just have to get a bit creative with your search at times. Lots of info on this forum but I found that if I had a specific question this was a better source since I could see the history of the topic I had chosen.
Good luck with your build, I had almost as much fun building my car as I do driving it.
Keep us posted:
PS You can also contact the forum vendors for specific parts ,I recommend them, they answered a lot of questions about "What fits what" and I got a lot of add on parts from them. I recommend them.
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Just finished inventory. Only 17 boxes! The worst issue is they sent standard MK4 seats instead of the Kirkey low backs. Their backorder list has a set of stainless sidepipes. I guess they must figure the uncoated ones I got will get lonely? Their system must be getting pretty good after over 8100 cars. All those parts and only a couple mistakes.
Hey Nuke,

Two thoughts from an ex nuke mm to another

1. You eventually will have to set your coffee cup down and use both hands :)
2. Remember 50/50/90 for nukes. Given a 50/50 chance a nuke will get it wrong 90% of the time....don't over think it

Enjoy the journey!
Hey Nuke,

Two thoughts from an ex nuke mm to another

1. You eventually will have to set your coffee cup down and use both hands :)
2. Remember 59/50/90 for nukes. Given a 50/50 chance a nuke will get it wrong 90% of the time....don't over think it

Enjoy the journey!
In reply:
1. Absolutely not!!! That cup was surgically attached at initiation. The only time it wasn't in use for the precious life fluid known as coffee was when some wayward blueshirt (or more often an even more wayward JO) had to be shown the error in their ways.:rankn-cpo:
Just look at the properly hooked index finger on this fine example:

2. I just applied the 50/50/90 rule last night when putting heim joints in the panhard rod. As is typical, it bit me. At least I learned that the knurled end has the LH threads.

Thank you and all those here for their service.

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2. Remember 50/50/90 for nukes. Given a 50/50 chance a nuke will get it wrong 90% of the time....don't over think it
Ha ah, I have not heard that in years. Good to see more nukes in this world! Enjoy the build.
Not much accomplished in the past week. I was working 14hr days during the week and had a funeral to attend on Saturday. But I did get pushrod length measured (the Comp Cams Hi-tech adjustable pushrod is AWESOME for this). I also got the body off the chassis and hanging on the body buck in the ceiling. The chassis is on the chassis buck (on casters) and ready for me to start fitting, marking and drilling body panels & frame for rivets.

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Well, it has been a while since I posted anything on here about my build. I have gotten some stuff done, but work and family issues have been slowing my build a bit.

I ordered a bare frame because I knew I was going to make several mods that would have had the frame getting re-coated anyway. I am coating the frame with POR15 when I get mods done, then a light scuff with red Scotchbrite then hammered silver paint.

First mod - I cut and re-welded the 3/4" by the power brake booster.

Then I cut the Driver side diagonal brace in the trunk, added another piece between the front gas tank supports and ran a brace front-to-back about 1" inboard of where the upper portion of the gas tank is. This is to allow me a dropped trunk 5" deep and 17"x24".

I also welded on 7/16-14 coupling nuts held from behind by Gr8 bolts, also welded on.
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I also did the Jeff Kleiner throttle pedal mod:

You can also see I cut the top and front face off the 2x2 at the heel of the footbox and welded in a slanted piece (similar to Ryans88GT). I will bend the front of the floor aluminum to attach to this.

I decided to do a firewall forward mod. I went with 3". I will be running an FFR heater and a glovebox, either my own or one of Alex's. I attached the firewall below the 2x2 so that I can use that 3x2 space for a plenum for the DS & PS heat, or to run heater hose and wiring in.
I had to weld a couple tabs on the 3/4" tubes to support the top

And using the FFR firewall as a template for the top radius, I cut a new firewall from .090" aluminum. I ended up botching my first one pretty bad trying to bend it on my little HF brake, so I scrapped it and took the next one to the local sheetmetal shop and they bent it for me in 5 minutes.

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I shameless stole Mike Kelly's Spark Plug Mod for my DS footbox. It takes nothing away from the pedal area and clears access to the back header bolts and sparkplug. It was a no-brainer decision to take it on since I am running a 351W.

The combination of all these mods in the firewall/DS footbox had me fit for a straightjacket for a couple days, but it all worked out ... more or less. I will have to touchup some scraped paint in the engine bay, but I am happy with the results so far.
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