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I do not care what tire we run. I can get Toyos shaved and at my door about $20 each cheaper than the Kumhos. Appalachan(sp) race tire supplies my buddies American Iron car, and although he does not prefer the Toyos, the price is better.

I would like to see the following:

1. Donor cars good through a 95 GT. I was not happy that I had to change from a 95GT lower intake to a 89 intake when, other than one plug, they are exactly the same. Also, the difference in front hubs makes rotors cheaper and easier to change. You need a 94 or 95 donor for the rear brakes anyhow, this should be a no brainer.

2. Make power brakes legal if you want them.

3. Make it legal to run a carburator if you want one. Set a reasonable limit on the carb and manifold or simply specify something (650 cfm Holley part number xxx or whatever, dual plane manifold part number xxx). Some will stay with EFI because it will make more torque. Some will move to carb for perceived reliability. Not sure what I will do.

4. I am still in favor of a spec cam (B303, E303, something from Crane, whatever). This elminates a variable.

5. A modified S-10 transmission should never be legal in this class and it should be outlawed.

6. Allow cuts in the body forward of the doors along with hindged front ends. This is what I have and it works great.

7. A spec rain tire is a good idea.

8. I would like to see a SOHC 4.6 allowed, although I would never run one (I dont think).

9. Weight limit should be raised at least 50 pounds (if not 75) so people can add proper safety gear without becoming backmarkers. This would also allow older kits to compete with newer kits.

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Since it up for debate:

Power steering pulleys and brackets should be free to use what ever design or products. Since this seems to be a gray area, let’s have it clarified in the up dated rules.
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