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So for those of you who went with the whitby power brakes, here's an alternative for you. I insulated my firewall with jute, and had no good place to mount those ugly 5" tall remote reservoirs.

It turns out the reservoir from a 93-94 infiniti q45 is a PERFECT match. You will need the following part numbers. (You can talk the price down a lot. i got away with half price, this is list)

46091-60u04 --- reservoir --- $39.58
460903-64j05 -- strainer --- $16.21
46020-64j01 --- cap --- $30.54.

If you want to add a low level indicator, you will also need the following part numbers.

46047-60u04 --- float
46048-64j01 --- low level switch

There is some connector that goes to that switch, and i think it's part of the wiring harness. you will have to source that from a junkyard or something. Sorry!

I bought the full enchilada, not knowing whether i needed the level switch to complete the tank or not. Turns out, you dont. The tank fits perfectly into the supplied grommets on the whitby kit.


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