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My wife and I went to the LA auto show yesterday. I love to see what several million dollars of the the best automotive design guys can come up with. I also like to see what companies like AMG, Calloway, and Saleen can do to double the price of already top of the line cars. Of the concept cars IMHO Lexus did the best job at producing something that made me feel good to sit there and stare. It also felt good to hear the beautiful young ladies field all the same questions we get asked. What is it, how much, how fast. You know the drill. Then we went down into the vender area to see what normal people can do. I swear if I had to look at another Lambo with big wheels and stereo in it I was going to start getting bored. There must have been 20 of them.

My wife came out in the shop today and looked at our car and said what I was thinking. The GTM might not have been the best car at the show if one would have been there, but it would have been in the top 1%. Pretty cool considering they are hand crafted by (i'm not sure normal people is quite right) for far less than anything we seen there and could easily draw as big a crowd. I included a few concept car pictures


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