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Hey everyone,
I've been a Subaru guy since 2004 and now I have a fully build 04 WRX/STi swap, and a 2007 Forester XT/STi swap (both swapped out the 5speed for STi 6speeds). So now I have the full 5-speed driveline from my Forester XT for sale.

Prefer local pickup. Northern NJ.
This stuff is just collecting dust. If you don't like the price I posted, MAKE AN OFFER!
Fastest response: Private Message Me

2007 Forester XT 5-speed FULL Manual Driveline - $900
145,000 miles, Never had an issue. No grinding, no damage, no accidents. This is the rare version trans with the 4.44 gearing from the FXT. Many prefer this over the stock WRX gearing.

It comes with all this stuff:
-07FXT 5speed transmission (4.44 gears)
-07FXT driveshaft
-07FXT R160 rear differential (4.44 gears)
-07FXT Entire rear cradle as shown in the pics
-07FXT rear sway bar
-07FXT rear lateral links
-07FXT rear trailing arms
-07FXT rear brakes & e-brake
-07FXT rear knuckles & hubs
-07FXT front axles
-07FXT transmission cradle

2007 Forester XT Front Knuckle Assemblies - $150 for pair
Includes Hubs, Brake rotors, Calipers, Wearless-brand brake pads

Motegi Wheels & Tires - $800 for set
Motegi MR274 Wheels, 18"x8" +40 offset, Gunmetal silver color, MINT
Bridgestone Potenza SP03 Pole Position Tires, 245/45/18, few thousand miles only

2007 Forester XT Starter Motor - $20
2007 Forester XT Rear sway bar mount brackets - Free
2007 Forester XT Engine pitch stop mount - Free


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Subaru 5-speed Manual Excedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch - $200
Only 6,000 miles on it!

Subaru 5-speed Lightweight Racing Flywheel - $200
Only 6,000 miles on it!

2007 Forester XT Front Cradle - $250
-Front sway bar
-Steering rack
-Tie rod ends
-Steering knuckle

I also have this spare tire for sale.
$40 picked up

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