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New to this forum. Looking into buying a kit soon. Was hoping to find out from other Marylanders how hard or how they got their cars Registered and tittled in Maryland. Has anyone had to use or able to get Historic or Hotrod tags.
Any info would be of great help. Thanks, Eric :confused:

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For starters, try the Search feature. Search on on "Registration", "Maryland", "Emissions". Also try www.ClubCobra.com and do the same.

As you read through the various threads, you'll see members from MD. You can then email or PM these guys and see if they can help you further. Good luck!


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If that dont work, try posting a topic like....."Maryland Registration Questions""

Then ask them to email you direct. MOST people do not like to discuss this subject in open FORUM. The DMV folks have been known to read these forums and have actually gotten people in trouble over stuff that has been said about registration and Smog Equipment .

BUY it, you will not regret it.

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