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Just the other day I got my new wheels and tires. Until now I had a set of Italian Etabeta wheels with Dunlop SportMaxx tires. Sizes were front 9x20 with 255/35-R20 and rear 10x20 with 285/30-R20. Problem was that the bike fenders will not fit this size of front wheel/tire combo.

Now I have ultra light also Italian made OZ Racing Ultraleggera in flat black. Tires are Dunlop SportMaxx GTs. Sizes are now 8x18 with 235/40-R18 and 10x20 with 295/30-R20.

The weight of my new set vs my old set is 60 pounds less. Believe it or not, but these OZ are feather weight.

What do all think ? Like it ?
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