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Here's a simple idea for a new product. I don't have the tools and experience to build this myself.

Adapt this magnetic tool:

to this dust cap:

there are two down falls to this dust cap:

- it is round. To get it on tight, you need to use a large pair of pliers. That chews up the finish a bit, and can be difficult to get off after a short while.

- It's also difficult to get on tight. I'v lost one or two.

- it's not made of a ferrous metal.

I imagine two possible solutions:

- make a whole new steel dust cap. shoulder and cap top would need to be perfectly parallel. And have a couple of flats machined in so you could get a wrench on them. It would have to be small enough to fit through a standard wheel opening - app 2"

- Adapt a steel plate to the end of the cap. Either permanent or easily removable. Keeping the surfaces parallel is the tricky part.

The Longacre magnetic adapter 3" in diameter. Most wheel centers seem to be about 2". A different magnetic base would have to be found or made.
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