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Hi all.
I am the new owner of GTM 412. This is a Gen II kit
I bought the "Mostly complete" kit and am in the process of making it a car.

Doing an inventory of what I drug home, I see I need some parts (more requests likely to follow).
Though I would check here (and the other forum) before calling FFR

Very early inventory of parts I need/want are

1 Fuel filler. Not sure if it matters but this is the one that measures 98mm total diameter. 80mm from opposite fasteners. I think this is the standard filler that FFR ships with the kit.

1 Windshield Wiper Arm

Things I know I want, but they dont offer any more
Front Sway Bar

Rear shock mounts

I like GTM Custom Parts - Quick Racing Products offerings, but they dont make them any more.

If any of you have these parts lying around, and are willing to sell them, let me know please.


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Here is the wiper arm for the GTM. I just ordered one as the one I got with the kit was on and off so many times, the splines were stripping.....
Amazon.com: Omix-Ada 19710.13 Front Wiper Arm for Jeep XJ Cherokee : Automotive

I also ordered this wiper blade. It is about 1/8" shorter in height, so it give you a bit more clearance to the hood. It also looks much more attractive (and streamlined).
Amazon.com: Denso 160-3122 OEM Style Low Profile Wiper Blade, 22" (Pack of 1) : Automotive

I hope this helps
-Mike Kraus
Jackson, Michigan
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