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Hello to everyone. I am new to the Cobra seen but loved them ever since my dad told me about racing at meadow-dale race track in Chicago in the 50's with Mr. Penskie. looking for a project Cobra that is either unfinished or needs some TLC.I do have a budget that being said I am looking for a bit of understanding. Some of these Cobras are perfect and high dollar.I have respect for all Cobra's.
Enough said, if you are looking to start a new project,or looking to move on and the Cobra is not part of that plan give me a call/text or e-mail. No Cobra will go unseen or unheard.I look forward to one day owning/building and driving my Cobra to the show's in Arizona with pride.
Thank you all,
[email protected]
work # 602 513 1134
cell # 623 696 8674.
I would prefer keeping the budget number to myself for now as to not offend anyone.
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