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Well, it's better than the "Attack."

Just a thought, but they should lose the bump in the hood and lose the gaping (radiator) :confused: hole/opening in front of that. Leave the low slung grill opening, it's cool.

Change the side exhaust to one 4" pipe per side, like a FIA car or viper...or ditch it for rear exhaust.

The louvers should be angled.

I'd also smooth out the hump over the rear tire, it's too high, it kind of intereferes with the lines. The spoiler is a little "abrupt" it needs to be angled back a little - or perhaps the trunk section needs to be a RCH longer.

It needs wipers.

Just my opinion. :D


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If they'd call that a corvette... they'd call your roadster a nice MG :D


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Chick FFR Racer: (ohh I'm sorry.... David!).
They have actually called my little roadster MG, Corvette, Austin and Jaguar!
That's why I'm saying...People that don't know, will actually think that it is a Vette!
Not all the world out there is informed about FFR!

BTW, How are your 2 MG midgets running?
:D :D :D :D

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I really like the custom wheel chocks. I'll take a set of those please. Since I have no money left after my roadster build.

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