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What do you guys think? One "Grandstand" or many seperate topics?

See my NSX forum, I have:
Grand Stand - general discussions about the car

Pit ROad - Tech help

Elegance de concours - Picture posting.

Off Topic - an unmonitored, anything goes area.

Upcoming Events - Post related events

Racing - post 1/4 mile times, track event info, lap times, etc. Discussion setting up the car for track events, etc.

Collectables - post cool links to ebay auction on die cast stuff, or sell shirts, caps, etc.

For Sale area

* * * * * * * * *

I don't like to look through 10 folders, but maybe you guys do. As you will see on my NSX website, most topics end up in the Grand Stand area. But this is your forum, so what do you want to see?


- Bill

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I like it just like it is. I don't mind people posting some pictures as long as it doesn't get too carried away for us poor boobs running a 56K and some of the pictures are almost neccesary to go with the posts.
That being said a seperate section for people to post pictures of their cars would be nice also.

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Earl, you may already know this, but you can turn off picture display in Internet Explorer.

From the menu choose File|Tools|Internet Options. Then select the Advanced tab and in the Multimedia section there should be a "Show Pictures" checkbox. Unchecking the box will stop all picture displays.

Of course, you may want to turn it back on for other sites.
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