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Hi Guys,

I'm really hoping somebody can give me a hand trouble shooting my power steering. It does not work at all! The following picture is what I used to hook it up.

I can confirm I have 12V from ignition at pin 1 and the 50A relay. I confirmed I have 12V on the switch side of relay. and I confirmed I have a really good Ground. I am using the power steering controller designed by Ian (eeeny).

What I'm not sure of is the signal from pin 5? Any ideas how to measure that?
In order for the relay to close, there must be a curent running thru the coil right?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.




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Try running the wire that goes to pin 5 to ground instead. This should tell you if the 40 amp external relay is good, and the pump positive lead should be hot.

The failure for these pumps is usually an internal relay that goes bad. You can sometimes get them to operate by tapping on the housing lightly with something hard, or alternate the current flow to the pump a dozen or so times to try and knock the relay contacts lose.

If that doesn't work, if you are inclined, then you MAY be able to replace the internal relay, but I have no experience doing this and don't know what it entails. Pump replacement is probably the easiest thing to do, but these have gotten more expensive lately. Retail is over $700 and ebay does not have many these days. When they do, they are gone quickly.
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