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Hazard lights have never worked on the car. So, nothing has happened such as burnt out fillements etc.

Relay switch is fine. Know this because the turn signal and hazards use the same exact relay and I swapped them.

All parking lights and turn signal also work on the car as they should.

1. When I flip my hazard light switch the bulb on the dash does light. It just does not flash. No parking lights power up or flash for that matter.

What would the correct route be? Currently I have power from fuse block into white and brown wires. Brown goes to flasher/relay, then to switch then to light then to ground. White is not connected? Where does white go?

Does anyone have a better wiring diagram of the hazard/flasher system?

Painless book does not address hazard system?

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Would you mind sending that diagram to me as well?



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Craig, you've got mail.
Here are a couple of wiring diagrams that John ( My427SC.com ) put together. John's site is a must have bookmark, there is a weath of information for building an FFR there.

This is a great diagram to use with a VW turn signal setup such as the one Russ Thompson sells.

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