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It looks like the computer in the roadster died, I'll know for sure in the next couple days. In the meantime I'm looking to see what's available. My current computer is an A3M. I know the A9L is a good replacement. I've also heard the A9P (from an automatic car) will work, but how well do they work with the 5 speed? I know there are other computers out there, A9S (califonia), X3Z (cobra), and a few other numbers.

So, should I focus on the A3M and A9L computers, or should I pick up the A9P if I find one at a good price?

I've been looking on Ebay and at the Corrall, any other places with good prices on computers?

Thanks for any help.


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Everyone I'v have talked to say you want the A9L, only. I think you might call around the junk yards to find one. I can check with the one some of the guys use here in SFO, (Cypress Auto). I can call monday if you want, just let me kown.

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There was a super well thought out thread on the corral about this.

You don't want the Cobra computer - it's set up for 24lb injectors and associated MAF. It also has oddball timing tables.

There's not much difference between the auto and the stick computer in a stick car.

What happened was one of the EEC-Tuner guys posted the tables from BOTH computers so you could see them. The stick computer is more desireable...but kinda in the I'd rather have the half inch taller blonde with the big...<nevermind> over the tall blonde with the big <here we go agin> hehe. :D

Suffice it to say there is little diff between the stick & auto 'pooter.
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